Roofing films

Strotex Basic 1300 membrane

The legendary three-layer superdiffusion membrane Strotex 1300 Basic. It is used for ventilated, insulated pitched roofs. It is mounted directly on the insulation without a ventilation gap. It can be used as wind protection in ventilated facades and frame construction.

STROTEX DYNAMIC 135 membrane

Four-layer roofing membranes have already won millions of customers in the United States, and are now conquering the European market. Foliarex offers you new products of the “EXTREME” class thanks to the most modern technology for the production of roofing membranes from the USA. The use of the world’s best components and regular tests carried out in the professional laboratories of the Foliarex group guarantee the impeccable quality of the membranes and their reliable use for many years.


These membranes are the latest technological advancement in the production of roofing membranes. Due to the use of Double Fiber Technology (TDV) in the production process, the membrane has a very high resistance to weather conditions and damage during assembly.

The membrane significantly improves the thermal insulation of the roof, increasing the thermal efficiency of the entire structure.

STROTEX AL 90 foil vapor barrier

STROTEX AL 90 is a three-layer film consisting of a metallized layer of polypropylene film, polypropylene mesh and polyethylene film.

STROTEX AL 90 film is intended for vapor barrier in roofing structures. Due to the presence of a metallized layer, it reflects thermal radiation and prevents heat loss. It is an insulating barrier for water vapor and wind.

Hydro barrier Korea

The hydrobarrier is used for secondary protection against the ingress of moisture and snow into the roof structure.

Vapor barrier Korea

The vapor barrier is used as a vapor barrier from the inside of the thermal insulation by the method of hermetic gluing of the joints.

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