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Sealant is an integral part of the roof, which serves to protect the attic space from dust, moisture and other debris. Sealants are for corrugated and universal. Sealants for profiles completely repeat the form of a professional flooring that provides its better functionality.

Horseshoe tape

The ridge tape completely repeats the shape of the roofing material, protecting the gap between the sheets, which is formed under the ridge from the ingress of snow and dust into the attic space.


Self-tapping screws 5.5×32 mm metal / metal for fastening corrugated board or VSK to metal columns.

Self-tapping screws 4,8х35 mm metal / wood for fastening metal tiles and corrugated board to wooden structures.

Self-tapping screw 4.9×19 mm metal / metal for fastening, metal tiles and corrugated flooring to thin-walled structures and longitudinal overlaps.

Bituminous tape

As a sealing material we offer bituminous tape. It is well suited for sealing units where the roof is suitable for walls or chimneys, as it is resistant to temperature changes.

SWEETONDALE mineral wool

Mineral wool is a non-combustible, hydrophobic, heat and sound insulation boards based on rocks of the basalt group. Slabs are designed for thermal and sound insulation of building structures of residential buildings and industrial structures.

DR! PSTOP anti-condensation coating

DR! PSTOP is a cost-effective solution to the problem of condensation inside buildings with uninsulated roofs, maximum condensate absorption of 1 l / m2. This is a self-adhesive film (made of polyethylene), which is applied to the inside of the seam during production. DR! PSTOP can be used in any area where there is a problem of condensation. DR! PSTOP absorbs sound in the room and the noise of rain, wind, hail at 2DB. It is also resistant to chemicals and bacteria.

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